The owner, Mrs. J. P. Visser, was born and raised in Ameland and
the Visser family have historic ties with Ameland.

Our Family house on Ameland has been in our family for generations.
Some historical elements have been retained, such as the bedstead doors and the Ameland blue tiles on the mantelpiece.

In 1981 the house was first rented as a holiday let.
In the late nineties it was completely renovated to include the usuall modern features but also its rustic charm.
Family Ameland is a special place to spend your vacation.


Familyhome Ameland is a 6 person residence in the middle of the small town Hollum. There is private terrain around the house and
it’s a 2 kilometer hike to the beach

Floorplan Familiehuis de Jong:

Livingroom with an open kitchen.
Bathroom with shower and toilet.

A total of 3 bedrooms.
– 1  double bed.
– 4 single beds.